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Mind the Gap: Gender and Education

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As a new school year approaches turn your focus to a resource that examines the gaps and inequities in access to education around the world - Mind the Gap: Gender and Education - available to play online for FREE at:

Statistics come alive with a click of a button allowing users to easily compare and contrast the education of children, adolescents, students and adults living in different countries around the world. Online learning is bolstered by engaging facilitated activities found in the accompanying Facilitator Guide.

The guide provides an introduction to the topic of gender and education, gives a framework for exploring the online data tool, and suggests further ways to extend learning. The activities are most suitable for young people in grades 5 through 10 participating in classroom settings, clubs and youth groups, and homeschools that are exploring global citizenship and education themes.

As the deadline for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals looms (September 2015), the world is looking closely at whether we will reach the aim of providing universal access to primary education. Although significant gains have been made since the goal was set, progress in recent years has slowed. At the time of the World Education Forum in 2000, there were 102 million children out of school. That number had dropped to 58 million by 2012. Yet data show that the world is still unlikely to achieve universal access by 2015.

This September, consider recognizing International Literacy Day (September 8) by having your students use MIND THE GAP. Check it out today!

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Kevin Jarrett's picture
Kevin Jarrett
Teaching Middle School 'Technology, Engineering & Design' in Northfield, NJ

Neat website and resource - love the way it presents information and the flexible user interface. This data could easily be used by students as material for a presentation or for much deeper exploration of the issues involved. I especially like the ability to change the levels (perspectives) from adult to student to adolescent to child. Could lead to some rich conversations about how and why these differences exist, and what might be done about them. Great resource! Thanks for sharing!

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