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How to Implement Hip Hop Education?

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I am very interested in Professor Chris Emdin's approach to teaching with Hip Hop Ed. Not only is it innovative but engaging. I would like to integrate these methods in my Spanish classroom but as I am writing my lesson plans I find that this does not flow. How can I effectively use Hip Hop in the Spanish class?

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Katie Schellenberg, JD, MA's picture
Katie Schellenberg, JD, MA
Advocate, Lawyer, Teacher and Founder of Beyond Tutoring

I am not a Spanish teacher but I speak Spanish and like hip hop. I do hope someone more qualified comes along and gives this a swing. One thing I was found when looking into this was this article that I thought may be helpful as you work through this:

If you come up with something amazing (which I know you will) let us know!

Rusul Alrubail's picture
Rusul Alrubail
Edutopia Community Facilitator/ Student Voice & Literacy at The Writing Project

Hi, since you love professor Emdin's approach, you might've already purchased his book "for White folks" it contains so many great ideas and approaches. One thing I found that was helpful is to treat hip hop like spoken word or poetry in the classroom. Students can listen to it, they can perform songs, and discuss what they mean to them. I think one lesson can be revolved around an album or a theme: For example, you can choose Kendrick Lamar's TPAB and discuss the theme of oppression, black culture, CRM and so much more. Here is a great blog that is so helpful if you're interested in this idea:


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