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Help! Need Recommendations for ESL Literacy Tech

Help! Need Recommendations for ESL Literacy Tech

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Hello everyone,

I am an adult ESL teacher and will be teaching an ESL Literacy class next year. I'm also working on my MEd at Queens University and currently taking a course on Collaborative Inquiry! 

One of our assignments is to connect and collaborate with a Professional Community. It looks like I found the right place to work together with a team of passionate educators.
I am hoping to learn about various technologies that would be useful for ESL Literacy learners. 

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Margaret Shafer's picture
Margaret Shafer
Third grade teacher in the Midwest

I don't have any experience with adult ESL students. But I do enjoy using Duolingo myself. It's only good for language basics, but it's fun to use and would automatically differentiate for different learners. Of course it would depend on whether one of the several languages it covered was one the learner spoke.

Agnes_Kucharska's picture

I never thought of using Duolingo in class. I also think it is fun. Has anyone else tried it in a classroom?

Agnes_Kucharska's picture

Thank you for the article. It has a lot of great tips that I can use with higher level ESL students. My ESL Literacy student would only be able to share images at this moment and maybe single words. I will have to try and see how that works out, as the article suggests "the possibilities are endless."

hayleymichelle's picture

Hi Agnes,
I'm an ESL teacher in Hong Kong (Kindergarten) and am also studying my MEd! I'm currently in a digital literacy course, and have learned about many useful resources through my classmates and readings. I think the Mozilla Web Literacy Map is very interesting, it should help you when you're planning how to integrate more digital tools into your classroom.

I would also recommend student blogs, modernized 'pen-pal' writing, a class website, Twitter, Memes & so on...

Best of luck with your course & new class!

VocabularySpellingCity Mayor's picture
VocabularySpellingCity Mayor
VocabularySpellingCity is on a mission to improve student reading comprehension through improving vocabulary retention. And making it fun for the students, easy on the teachers. I'm also the founder of, K-2nd science.

Hi. VocabularySpellingCity seems to get used by adult education programs around the country and world. I visited Carlos Rosario Adult Education Program in DC this year to learn about how they use it. We're thinking of starting a community specifically for adult ed schools using VocabularySpellingCity. If you have questions or need help learning about it, you can PM or email me. I'm mayor@...

Shandel Everett-Herrera's picture

I like PebbleGo for K-3 students because it provides information in all content areas and can be used in a variety of ways. Reading A-Z ELL Edition, Vocabulary A-Z and Raz Kids are great as well.

Cheryl Barnes's picture

You should try RECAP. Students video themselves, preview and make changes. They can then share it with the you and the class for review. Some ideas include presentations, conversations, and group skits. They can download an app or use the computer. Have fun!

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