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Help! Need PBL Ideas for Science Units

Help! Need PBL Ideas for Science Units

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Hello all. I am new to the PBL initiative, and along with my team, we are trying to create a PBL unit for our 6th grade science standard regarding matter. Has anyone completed one before? Does anyone have any ideas for potential driving questions? We REALLY need all of the help we can get. Thank YOU in advance!!

(6.P.2)- Understand the structure, classifications, and physical properties of matter.

(6.P.2.1)- Recognize that all matter is made up of atoms and atoms of the same element are all alike, but are different from the atoms of other elements.

(6.P.2.2)- Explain the effect of heat on the motion of atoms through a description of what happens to particles during a change in phase.

(6.P.2.3)- Compare the physical properties of pure substances that are independent of the amount of matter present including density, melting point, boiling point, and solubility to properties that are dependent on the amount of matter present to include volume, mass, and weight.

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