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Help! Need PBL ideas for Civics and Economics

Help! Need PBL ideas for Civics and Economics

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I'm wanting some suggestions for PBL lessons I can do in my 7th grade Civics and Economics class. Any help is appreciated!!!

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Marilyn Yung's picture
Marilyn Yung
Middle School Language Arts Teacher

Contact a local government entity to see what projects they have that could use the help of student volunteers for. I have contacted a local historical society in my county. Trying to find some research projects my seventh graders could work on in my ELA classes this fall. Let us know how this progresses for you!

Joe Montuori's picture
Joe Montuori
Instructional Technology Coach & Social Studies Teacher

Like Marilyn, I'm also working with my local historical society. My 11th grade students will be conducting oral histories with older residents.
I'd also suggest asking students for problems and issues they're concerned about locally. Then have them contact appropriate local government personnel to ask questions, get more info. You could also have them visit or Skype in to your class, after they've prepared good questions. Students can then develop solutions and perhaps even present them to the same local officials. Hope this is helpful.

John Hannah's picture
John Hannah
Middle School science

Definitely a municipal planner that may have access to geographic information system. They could give you a tour of local issues and be your expert conduit.

Betty Jo Harris's picture
Betty Jo Harris
high school social studies teacher from Louisiana

My students will be creating a powtoon on Bias for class presentations. It is a good way to use technology and the students like to create. Sutori is another great way to have a project using technology in the classroom. I use it for History as well as Civics. Check them out.

Robert Bonifacio's picture

I will be asking an economist I know to skype with my Econ kids and a personal financial planner in regards to the SIFMA Stock Market Game. It's available to nearly all grades and also a great way to engage kids throughout the semester. If you know little to nothing about the Stockmarket Game, they have teacher resources that are more than enough for a novice.

Paul kearney's picture

KRob, send me your email adress and I'll attach a copy of a (my) book which might be able to help. But please don't distribute the file. Cheers from Tasmania

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