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The Education System Needs More Money to be Effective

The Education System Needs More Money to be Effective

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i am reading this website for a year now but what i realizing is that there is no actual help for the kids. because in this world, or you have the money to get educated or you get eaten by wolfs. and here is the good teaching or teacher part. they are the only they can prevent this and actually learn kids without the profit stands between kids and teachers. but thats not happening. i have watched some free cources in internet but they are never in high levels or complete. (i believe in purpose). just to give the motivation for the parents or kids to give everything for education. so if you want to actually help you can make full free cources for every lesson DETAILED even for advanced levels.
and kids would repeat their lessons any times they want. but teachers dosent want to do that. everything else is just hypocrisy.

iam a parent and that goes to parents to be more sceptical about education. thank you and sorry about my english i did my best :)

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Laura Thomas's picture
Laura Thomas
Director, Antioch University New England Center for School Renewal, Author of Facilitating Authentic Learning, Director of the Antioch Critical Skills Program; Elementary Library Media Specialist

Hi killtheclock. I can understand your frustration. Depending on where you live (both inside and outside the US), money has an huge impact on the quality of education available to students. Luckily, it's not the only factor. Depending on the age of the learner, there's a lot to be gained from plain old books- many available for free download- and there are some great free, online opportunities (like Kahn Academy- khan There's an interesting, user-created list at Life Hacker too

Brian Sztabnik's picture
Brian Sztabnik
AP Literature teacher from Miller Place, NY

Killtheclock, do you see this changing in the future?I hope it does because you are right, money and privilege still play a big part in education. In fact, I read an article yesterday about the S.A.T. tutor for C.E.Os, hedge fund managers, and other one percenters that charges $1,000 an hour. What's remarkable is that he doesn't even meet with students, he does it all through Skype.

Yet, the change that I see coming is a result of the internet, which is opening doors that were previously closed. I like Laura's point that some of the finest universities and services are offering classes online for free through programs like Coursea an Academic Earth. They are by no means perfect as evidenced by their attrition rate. Still, I applaud the way in which they are flattening the access to information. Now, anyone with an internet connection can study coding or Calculus for free.

The hope that I hold in my heart is the possibility for change. No longer will it be about the name on your degree but the critical skills and creativity that you possess.

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