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Computer-Based IMs for Science

Computer-Based IMs for Science

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Hi! I am here to find out if majority of our teachers are into computer-based instructional materials? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of using such materials in teaching activity-based Science?

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Kevin Jarrett's picture
Kevin Jarrett
Teaching Middle School 'Technology, Engineering & Design' in Northfield, NJ

Hi, great question, not sure what you mean exactly and am interested in your perspective, can you please elaborate? Thanks!

msflora30's picture

Hi Sir! I have this observation about new science teachers who always have their laptops to present their lessons via slide presentations or youtube videos with students being less exposed to the traditional way of learning science via laboratory experiments and observing realias.

Kevin Jarrett's picture
Kevin Jarrett
Teaching Middle School 'Technology, Engineering & Design' in Northfield, NJ

Fair enough! Thanks for explaining! Interested in the responses, too!

Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

Hi msflora30,
The science teachers at my school generally use a range of different approaches - within the curriculum, it is compulsory to do a certain number of practical experiments, so they have to do the traditional lab time, as well as the more modern computer time.


msflora30's picture

Hi Keith! It's nice to know that your school has compulsory practical experiments. My school doesn't have one, we actually have some problems with lab facilities and so some teachers opt to use videos to show the experiment instead of students actually doing it.

Karthik's picture
Educational Technology Specialist

Hi Msflora30,

Physical experiments are is always required to get better understanding upon the reactive measure that occurs during an experiment. However, we have tried using our LMS platform in many school which is getting a very good response with a good Kstudy after the implementation. Getting the virtual classroom and making it more with a technotrend. We also implemented in hospitality domain which helps in giving good understanding and training for the students and professional. It depends upon the implementation factor, solving the issue with more interactive and virtual way.

In current techno world, the virtual mode helps students in recalling or recollecting the procedures and reaction during experiment. I feel its should be blend of both technology and the routine science based activities.

Science_Dad's picture

There is and will never be a substitute for real hands-on learning. There are however, monetary reasons that schools would not or could not provide the required items to perform the traditional "experiments." These schools have, most likely, received donated computers or tablets that would allow them to use some of the very realistic and useful tools that are out there. Its up to the teacher ensure they get the most out of the experience, (ie don't just show a youtube video.)

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