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Raise Money for Your School Using Crowdfunding (available in Spanish)

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Do you have great ideas for your school or classroom but lack the resources to carry them out? Discover how you can use the power of crowdsourcing on the Web to fund new projects or get gear for your classroom.

In this guide, you'll learn ten steps to a successful campaign as well as pitfalls to avoid, and you can compare features and fees of 12 popular crowdfunding platforms for educators.

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What's Inside the PDF?

  • What Is Crowdfunding?
  • Advice from Experienced Crowdfunders: Ten Steps for Planning and Managing a Successful Campaign
    • Step 1: Assemble Your Team
    • Step 2: Identify Your School’s Needs and Determine the Funding Timeline
    • Step 3: Identify Your Network
    • Step 4: Choose a Crowdfunding Platform
    • Step 5: Write a Project Description and Tell Your Story
    • Step 6: Craft a Project Video or Slideshow
    • Step 7: Brainstorm Perks
    • Step 8: Kick Off Your Launch with a Bang and Keep Charging
    • Step 9: Update Your Network
    • Step 10: Celebrate and Debrief Your Campaign
  • Seven Crowdfunding Mistakes
  • Scorecard: Comparing Education Crowdfunding Platforms


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Ivan Pavlovic's picture

Great guide that contains some very relevant information. I will mention on the fees section, this can vary from different crowdfunding platforms. They can sometimes be significant in relevance to the donation. Take into consideration also when thinking in crowdfunding, you can also run your own website with a more unique and personalized experience. There are out of the box software solutions available such as Thrinacia, which only require a small monthly subscription fee. It can be a great solution when raising funds with single or multiple campaign settings. You can learn more below if interested.

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