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Ten Tips for Classroom Management (available in Spanish)

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Learn how to improve student engagement and build a positive climate for learning and discipline for grades K-12.

We've all heard this about students: "If they are engaged, they are managed." And this is absolutely the truth. But we still need rules, routines, trust, and student ownership to make a classroom run smoothly and effectively. This guide will address those practical aspects of managing a classroom, with suggestions and resources appropriate for grades K-12.

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What's Inside the PDF?

  1. Build Community
  2. Design a Safe, Friendly, and Well-Managed Classroom Environment
  3. Include Students in Creating Rules, Norms, Routines, and Consequences
  4. Create a Variety of Communication Channels
  5. Always Be Calm, Fair, and Consistent
  6. Know the Students You Teach
  7. Address Conflict Quickly and Wisely
  8. Integrate Positive Classroom Rituals
  9. Keep It Real
  10. Partner with Parents and Guardians


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