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Cinema Program: Cultivating a Career in Film

Students from the North East School of the Arts, in San Antonio, Texas, which shares a high school campus with the International School of the Americas, document a class trip to Zacatecas, Mexico, on video. More to this story.
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Cinema Program: Cultivating a Career in Film (Transcript)

Student 1: Well, I was thinking about making a film about two brothers attending their father's funeral.

Narrator: An eager young filmmaker is making his pitch to cinema teacher, George Ozuna, the man who can green light his project.

George Ozuna: As a matter of fact, you know what'd be cool. Take a look at Macbeth and just read the text and specifically look for Lady Macbeth, and then look at the tone.

Narrator: At the Northeast School of the Arts in San Antonio, Texas, students in this filmmaking class get a little taste of Hollywood, along with a large helping of reading and writing lessons.

George Ozuna: I think what they should learn in the class is how to think, how to write, how to think logically and how to be a well rounded individual. Sure enough, in this case, in the context of filmmaking, but that's the hook, that's the bait to kinda get them moving in that direction, and what's important here is that kids can write, kids can read.

Narrator: Daralee Fallin, a second year student in the Cinema Northeast program understands that having a well developed storyline makes all the difference.

Daralee Fallin: Like we can't even check out equipment without having a story, a storyline that has been pitched to five students and pitched to the-- to Mr. Ozuna.

So it's really focused on the content, not the visuals.

Narrator: Cinema Northeast students document school projects like the ISA's Zacatecas trip.

And have had their films screened at several prestigious film festivals.

George Ozuna: Kids now actively write, knowing full well that if they get screened, they can potentially get screened all over the place. And the whole idea is that a lotta kids wanna create, but they also want to feel that what they do is important. Andwhat we do here is, we have them create in the context of making kids feel that yes, they are important, that what they have to say and what they have to learn does make a difference.

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