Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram as learning tools? Discover innovative ideas for using social-media tools in the classroom and for professional development.

  • Teacher Development

    How the Digital Age Is Affecting Students

    Five books that give insight into how social media and technology are shaping today’s students and their learning.
  • School Leadership

    Making Digital Communications Accessible

    Tips for making the information schools share with students’ families more accessible for people of all abilities.
  • Digital Citizenship

    What Your Students Really Need to Know About Digital Citizenship

    Ideas on how to guide students to the knowledge and experience they need to act responsibly online.
  • Social Media

    Protecting Student Privacy on Social Media

    A primer for ensuring that students’ personal information remains confidential on social media.
  • Literacy

    An Academic Use for Social Media

    You can leverage micro-writing—tweets, Instagram posts, and the like—to help students improve their communication and writing skills.
  • Literacy

    Social Media Posts as Exemplars

    Text messages and Instagram captions can be valuable samples for teaching tone, writing conventions, and levels of formality.
  • Social Media

    Using Emojis to Teach Critical Reading Skills

    Use kids’ expertise with emojis to help them analyze texts more effectively.
  • Student Engagement

    Motivating the Unmotivated

    A group of elementary or middle school students are unruly, disrespectful, and underperforming academically and socially in the classroom. They do not appreciate the value of education. The teacher, despite good intentions and passion, is viewed as an adversarial or irrelevant authority figure. The students are unwilling to participate in tutoring or traditional mentoring programs. So what can be done?
  • School Libraries

    The Power of a School Library Hashtag

    A hashtag can help you create a community within and around your school library, as well as help you widen your reach beyond the school.
  • Digital Citizenship

    Digital Citizenship Week: 6 Resources for Educators

    Digital Citizenship Week is October 16-22, and it's the perfect time to talk about online responsibility and safety. Explore some of the best resources to bring digital citizenship into the classroom.