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For parents who are interested in engaging more deeply with their kids' teachers and school communities.

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Teacher Appreciation: Planning Resources for Parents

In preparation for National Teacher Appreciation Month in May, Edutopia has collected tips and ideas for parents looking for the right way to tell educators, “Thank you.”

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A Parent's Resource Guide to Social and Emotional Learning

Explore a curated list of blogs, articles, and videos for parents about fostering skills like kindness, empathy, gratitude, resilience, perseverance, and focus in children.

Teach Your Kids to Code: 6 Beginner's Resources for Parents

Blogger Matt Davis has collected some handy resources that parents can use to help their kids start learning about computer programming.

Parent Partnership in Education: Resource Roundup

Experts agree that parent involvement in education is one of the biggest predictors of student success. So where can parents begin? We've compiled a list of articles, videos, and other resources to help you engage productively with your kids' teachers and school.


Homework, Sleep, and the Student Brain

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Summer Fun with the Brain in Mind

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Homework, Sleep, and the Student Brain

Wed, 05/07/2014 - 10:22
22 7,101 84,960 views

Beat Summer Slide: The Parent Summer Checklist

Tue, 06/06/2017 - 19:23
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Summer Fun with the Brain in Mind

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 12:01
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Study: Parent-Teacher Communication Leads to Academic Gains

Sometimes, a small reminder can be enough to encourage deeper conversations at home about a child's learning.

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Handout: Minute-by-Minute Study Strategies

Download a handout with 11 short and simple activities middle and high school students can use within study sessions.

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What Autism Can Look Like

Autism can be confused with misbehavior. Here are three autism behaviors to look out for and tips on how to respond to them.

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Teachers and a parent discuss a student’s Individualized Education Program.

IEP: Students Benefit When We Collaborate

Tips for both parents and teachers to improve collaboration around creating individualized education programs.

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A male adult and female adult sit at a table looking at paperwork and a laptop screen.

A Glossary for the Current Education Debate

State and federal officials talk about school choice, but what exactly is it? We define some key terms.

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When Your Child Has a Mediocre Teacher

If the teacher isn’t great, you can help your kid take charge of their own learning.

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Research Is In: The Real Impact of Class Size and School Diversity

Research-based answers to three common questions parents have about kindergarten.

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Parent Stories: When Your District Changes the Game

Sometimes your school system throws you a curveball. Learn how three parents navigated their new terrain.

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Parent Stories: When Your First School Choice Isn't the Right One

Sometimes your child's first school doesn't work out. Four parents share their stories of making a change.

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Parents: 19 Meaningful Questions You Should Ask Your Child's Teacher

Back-to-school content is usually focused on teachers and students, and as these two groups will have the largest workload ahead of them, that makes sense. But for students, the ultimate support system is not an expert teacher, but an informed and supportive...

45 63 431,465 views

Teach Your Kids to Code: 6 Beginner's Resources for Parents

Blogger Matt Davis has collected some handy resources that parents can use to help their kids start learning about computer programming.

9 3,174 287,643 views
Standing outside between two trees, a father and son are looking at each other, smiling, and hugging each other with one arm.

15 Questions to Replace “How Was School Today?”

These questions will help you draw out important information from your kids.

34,427 191,597 views

7 Questions to Ask Parents at the Beginning of the Year

Seven questions teachers can ask parents at the start of the year with the intention of building a partnership to support their child's learning.

18 143 148,494 views
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Two Kinds of Parent-Teacher Conferences

We just celebrated open house night at our high school and, as usual, the principal announced that this night was not a night to chat with parents about how their students were doing in our classes.

3 124 140,770 views

Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferencing

Check out these useful suggestions for teachers when sitting down with parents.

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A man and woman are sitting across from each other in armchairs, smiling.

5 Resources for Parent-Teacher Conferences

Browse a curated list of resources for improving parent-teacher conferences, including ideas for highlighting student progress, ways to encourage students to take the lead, and questions every parent should ask.

7 127 112,616 views


How to Thank a Teacher Guide

This guide has ideas and tips for thanking your favorite teachers, principals, coaches, librarians, and others helping to make your school shine.

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A Parent's Guide to 21st-Century Learning (available in Spanish)

Discover the tools and techniques today's teachers and classrooms are using to prepare students for tomorrow, including bringing more parents into the conversation about improving education. (And when you're done, don't miss our Home-to-School Connections...

6,219 143,511 views