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Online Learning

Whether exploring entirely virtual classrooms and schools or ways to expand learning beyond the walls of your building, the resources are out there. Cyberspace is the place!

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A photo of a photograph on a tablet propped up on a book. The tablet image shows a woman looking down at the book.

It's Time to Start an Online Program

Online programs are becoming easier to integrate because, with each year, districts have more successful models to follow and more resources from which to choose.

The Power of "I Don't Know"

Educators are tasked with teaching students how to find answers themselves. And it all starts with a simple three-word phrase: I don't know.

4 Lessons We Can Learn from the "Failure" of MOOCs

How is the MOOC model falling short? Discover four valuable elements that still belong in online education -- humanity, collaboration, feedback and blended learning modalities.



Top Issue-Oriented Computer Simulations

Check out these serious games to see what the buzz is all about.

1 4 997 views

Playing Civic-Minded Simulations May Encourage Social Action

Recent studies explore whether serious games affect teens when they're offline.

14 1,246 views

Serious Tips for Using Serious Games in Class

Experts on issue-oriented computer simulations offer advice on how to do it right.

4 1,156 views

Computer Games Explore Social Issues

The fluid, interactive nature of simulations makes them ideal for tackling complex subjects.

6 41 2,199 views

Student-Information Systems Monitor Kids' Grades

Online technology connects moms and dads to what's happening in class.

7 2 989 views

Feedback: A Smart Investment

The business of educating entrepreneurs.

2 120 views

Feedback: A Little Bird Told Me . . .

Twitter: A great tool for connecting and learning, not to mention for fun.




Educators Innovate Through Technology Integration

Technology and NASA help teachers and students at a South Carolina elementary school aim high.

4 55 898 views

How to Provide Meaningful Support Services in a Virtual School: Robust Family Support (Part 1 of 4)

The Dean of the Family Support Department at the Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School shares some best practices.

1 9 885 views

Online Education Is a New Way of Learning -- and Teaching

Educators can find being a teacher for a virtual school to be a challenge.

3 861 views

The Next Chapter by George Lucas

George Lucas on revving up for the future of Edutopia by supporting a Web-only platform with a strong community component.

12 3 851 views

Online Learning: Virtual Valedictory

Online study goes mainstream.

1 839 views

Model Online Learning Programs From Across the U.S.

Virtual schools are transforming students' experiences nationwide, as spotlighted these standout examples from the Edutopia archives.

1 830 views
Preparing Aspiring New Teachers: Lessons from Curry School of Education

Curry School of Education: Early Classroom Exposure Improves Teacher Preparation

At the University of Virginia, aspiring teachers are well prepared by working directly in classrooms and using the latest technology.

4 813 views