Find and share strategies for helping students read for knowledge, write coherently, and think critically about the written word.

  • Literacy

    Finding the Source of Reading Difficulties

    Readers who are struggling in upper elementary and middle school may benefit from phonics instruction.
  • Literacy

    A Magical Summer Reading List

    With familiar themes, language, and narrative structures, fairy tales have built-in scaffolds to preserve reader confidence over the summer.
  • Literacy

    A Community of Readers in Middle School

    After using whole-class novels that failed to engage students, a teacher finds the benefits of letting them choose what to read.
  • Communication Skills

    Bringing All Students Into Discussions

    Techniques for fostering meaningful class discussions by getting even reluctant students to share their insights.
  • Student Engagement

    Engaging Novice World Language Learners

    Using target language videos, news articles, music, and more can spark engagement even with students who are just getting started.
  • Literacy

    Grammar: The Skunk at the Garden Party

    Students may wish grammar would go away, but there are ways to deepen their engagement.
  • Character Education

    A Multipurpose Lunch Group

    Lessons on manners and literature foster a sense of community that helps struggling students begin to find their way in school.
  • Literacy

    Reigniting a Passion for Reading

    Many students stop reading for pleasure by middle school. Here are some ways parent volunteers can help counteract that trend.
  • Collaborative Learning

    Community in the Classroom

    On sharing personal stories and using reading circles to create strong bonds in the classroom and to help every student find their voice.
  • Literacy

    5 Ways to Celebrate Poetry

    During National Poetry Month and all year long, try these fun exercises with students of all ages to encourage a love of poetry.