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Global Education

Explore education in other parts of the world, and learn how U.S. students connect with students and ideas from beyond their own borders.

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Students Aren't Waiting to Improve Their World

How can teachers support students in their efforts to make a difference? Here are three trends worth watching -- and joining.

Global Education: Resource Roundup

Looking for ways to help students appreciate cultural diversity, build awareness about global issues, and develop global competence? Explore these resources for ideas on bringing global dimensions into the classroom.

Education Everywhere: School Success Stories from Abroad

Edutopia's video series Education Everywhere profiles innovative school systems all around the world. Here you'll find links to the videos and additional resources for learning about education systems in various countries.

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Five-Minute Film Festival: Developing Global Citizens

Looking for resources to foster students’ global competence and develop global citizen leaders? This playlist of videos and other resources provides ideas and inspiration.

Innovative Education: A Look at Training Teachers in Kenya

Learn about Dignitas, a non-profit program that aims to empower communities in Kenya by offering training and resources to its educators in an effort to build on the strengths they already have.


Project-Based Learning in Colombia

Tue, 05/30/2017 - 06:00
1 1,069 2,370 views

Authentic Activities for the World Language Classroom

Mon, 06/05/2017 - 10:22
2 2,657 369 views

"School Time" in New Zealand

Mon, 05/06/2013 - 14:10
11 20 22,424 views



The UnCollege Movement

Educational futurist Dale J. Stephens redefines "dropping out" as the new model for taking control of your own education.

6 61 747 views

Greetings from India: PBL Gaining a Foothold

Blogger Suzie Boss reports from India how project-based learning has taken hold at Alwar Public School.

5 26 997 views

Flat Stanley Goes Mobile: Fresh Start for Popular Global Ed Project

Blogger Suzie Boss describes the new version of New Flat Stanley -- a free phone app that lets you drop your custom-made flat person into a picture.

1 58 747 views

Fifth Graders Go Global with Holiday Card Exchange

Students in Donna Roman's fifth grade class shared holiday cards with students in Taiwan.

3 98 747 views

One Day in the Life: An Antidote to Insular Living

Chris Baer and his students share One Day in the Life with their peers across the globe.

2 44 693 views

Deeper Learning: The Coaching Model

In the third blog of the Deeper Learning Blog Carnival series, Brandon Wiley, director of the International Studies School Network, describes the SAGE strategy used to coach teachers towards practicing deeper learning.

1 112 1,494 views

Social and Emotional Curriculum: The Seven Doors to Happiness

Filmmaker Randy Taran introduces a seven part blog series that includes curricula for adults and students to better understand happiness. For her research, she interviewed many thought leaders including the Dalai Lama and teens from three...

1 119 2,990 views



From Italy, with Love: An Argument for the Lyceum School Model

Guest blogger Margherita Rossi, a classical humanities teacher at the Lyceum school in Bologna, describes why Italy's secondary education model, based on Aristotle's educational principles, might work in the U.S.

6 51 2,242 views
Teaching War: Making History Relevant for Middle School Students (Highlight Video)

Teaching War: Making History Relevant (Highlight Video)

Seventh-grade students at ASCEND School in East Oakland, CA improve their media literacy and dig into world affairs in a semester-long project on the Iraq war.

8 2,242 views
Web-Design Competition Sparks International Collaboration

Web-Design Competition Sparks Collaboration

Students ages 9-19 from around the globe work in teams and communicate via Web 2.0 technologies to build educational Web sites for the ThinkQuest contest.

2 2,242 views

Penn-Finn Learnings 2013: Setting the Stage for a Global Conversation

Blogger Joe Mazza, on behalf of the US and Finnish educators participating in Penn-Finn Learnings 2013, sets the stage for a global edchat live from the University of Helsinki.

202 1,993 views

Penn-Finn Learnings 2013: A Journey of Inquiry

Blogger Joe Mazza with members of the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education kick off their tour of three schools in Helsinki, Finland and reflect on what they learn.

1 242 1,993 views

World Party: Cultivating a Student's Global Consciousness

A Seattle school excites students with the promise of an interconnected world.

5 43 1,993 views
Travel Offers Learning Without Borders for High School Students

Travel Offers Learning Without Borders for High School Students

High school students at the International School of the Americas (ISA) in Texas foster connections with a community of their peers worldwide through small classes, travel opportunities, and plenty of time for formal and informal exchanges.

3 15 1,993 views