Field Trips

Not all schoolwork happens in the classroom. Explore ideas for organizing fun adventures and engaging fieldwork for your students.

  • Environmental Education

    Outdoor Adventures With Students

    Exploring nature with elementary students can be memorable and fun with a little advance planning and preparation.
  • Field Trips

    Finding the Beauty of Math Outside of Class

    Math trails help students explore, discover, enjoy, and celebrate math concepts and problems in real-world contexts.
  • Field Trips

    More Than Just Eyes and Ears

    Experiential learning is powerful, and you can create ways for students to learn with all their senses—in and out of the classroom.
  • Environmental Education

    Connecting iGeneration to the Natural World

    Ignite student passion for the natural world with fieldwork apps, turning your kids into citizen scientists who observe, hypothesize, identify, and share information about nature.
  • 5-Minute Film Festival

    5-Minute Film Festival: Travel for Teachers

    Whether you have the resources to travel internationally or just take a short trip, traveling can be enriching both personally and professionally for educators. Watch the videos in this playlist for some ideas!
  • Environmental Education

    5 Benefits of Outdoor Education

    An outdoor education program builds community and culture, raises expectations and standards, increases connection between students, and develops positive associations around school and the outdoors.
  • Classroom Technology

    Come Along and Ride on a Google Expedition

    With a smartphone and a simple virtual viewer, students can travel at any time, to any place, at the teacher's preferred pace, and for free.
  • Arts Integration

    Stretching Your Curriculum Canvas: Reading the World Through Art

    An effective art museum visit begins with teaching students art history, getting them to consider multiple perspectives, and applying the idea of close reading to visual literacy.
  • Classroom Technology

    How to Engage Your Students With No-Cost Technology

    Online 3D scans give students close-up views of historical artifacts and natural wonders, all without the cost and tactical considerations of a field trip.
  • Mindfulness

    Mindfulness at School Outside the Classroom

    To help students understand the power of mindfulness, consider practicing it outside of a classroom setting, whether through sports activities, wilderness programs, or retreats.