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Dropout Prevention

Learn about programs and share ideas to support at-risk students and keep all young people in school.

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Middle School's Role in Dropout Prevention

Anne O'Brien shares research and resources for helping secondary students stay in school.


Ten Tips for Personalized Learning via Technology

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The Positive Path: A Recipe for Risk Reduction

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Ten Tips for Personalized Learning via Technology

Mon, 04/26/2010 - 12:32
49 3,009 66,772 views

The Positive Path: A Recipe for Risk Reduction

Fri, 06/20/2008 - 19:11
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5 Tips for Teaching the Tough Kids

Wed, 06/11/2014 - 12:34
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Seven Building Blocks for Successful High Schools

Green Dot founder Steve Barr shares his organization's fundamental requirements for creating a viable school.

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When the English Class Is Half Full, Keep Pouring It On

Despite absences at an inner-city school, a teacher commits to long-term projects.

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Waldorf-Inspired Public Schools Are on the Rise

Waldorf-inspired public schools are on the rise as parents seek relief from the high-stakes testing culture.

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Public Schools Access Digital Media Resources by Forging Partnerships with Colleges

To master the digital classroom, K-12 teachers can tap into resources at local colleges and universities.


At-Risk Students Make Multimedia

A team of college professors and K-12 teachers discovers how building video games can elevate student performance.

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Early-Childhood Education Takes to the Outdoors

Kids in Waldkindergarten, also known as forest kindergarten, are building fires and braving the snow. And they're all the better for it.

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Rural Students Reap Academic Gains from Community Service

In Fowler, California, one school district weaves farm-focused service learning throughout the curriculum.

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YES Prep North Central by the Numbers

A Houston charter school's story in statistics.

Girl and teacher looking at a human skeleton.

5 Students, 5 Paths to a Future That Works

A second chance for success in school.

25 845 views
Lowering K-12 Dropout Rates Through Mentors

Mentors Improve Graduation in Las Vegas

In a place where dropouts earn $50,000 per year parking cars, Clark County, Nevada, schools keep students on the diploma track.

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Teacher and three students looking at a human skeleton

Career Tech Meets College Prep: Ten Tips to Get Going

Practical advice for taking those first steps.

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College Dreams: For These Houston Students, Their Big Day Has Finally Arrived

When we visited YES Prep North Central in Houston last spring, students in the junior class were already talking about their Senior Signing Day.

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Joan Weber on Creativity Expert Sir Ken Robinson

Editor's Note: This week's guest blogger is Joan Weber, the facilitator for Edutopia's Arts/Music/Drama group and moderator of the weekly #artsed chat on Twitter.

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