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Dropout Prevention

Learn about programs and share ideas to support at-risk students and keep all young people in school.

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Middle School's Role in Dropout Prevention

Anne O'Brien shares research and resources for helping secondary students stay in school.


Ten Tips for Personalized Learning via Technology

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How to End the Dropout Crisis: Ten Strategies for Student Retention

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Ten Tips for Personalized Learning via Technology

Mon, 04/26/2010 - 12:32
64 3,009 62,153 views

How to End the Dropout Crisis: Ten Strategies for Student Retention

Wed, 12/03/2008 - 16:10
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The Positive Path: A Recipe for Risk Reduction

Fri, 06/20/2008 - 19:11
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Jefferson County Adopts Social and Emotional Learning

A Kentucky school district aims to create healthy classrooms and helpful citizens through its CARE for Kids program.

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Edutopia and CASEL Promote Social and Emotional Learning

The Schools That Work case study about SEL was presented at the 2009 Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning conference.

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Teacher standing between two students who are sitting and all are smiling

Extended-Day Learning = Quality Time for Students

Houston's charter school, YES Prep North Central, uses extra hours to prepare kids for college.

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Principal with arms raised talking to a gym full of kids sitting on the floor

10 Takeaway Tips for a College-Bound School Culture

Bold ideas from YES Prep North Central, a successful Houston charter school.

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Systems and Budgeting: At YES Prep, Money + Time = Great Teachers

Administrators at Houston's YES Prep North Central organize around a clear educational strategy -- invest in teachers, and help them to have strong relationships with their students.


YES Prep North Central by the Numbers

A Houston charter school's story in statistics.

Kids walking in front of the school

Resources and Lesson Plans for a College-bound Culture

The school shares details about administration, school culture, professional development, and curriculum -- materials that you may adapt for your class or school.

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When the English Class Is Half Full, Keep Pouring It On

Despite absences at an inner-city school, a teacher commits to long-term projects.

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Personalized Learning and the School of One

New York City's experiment in differentiated instruction relies heavily, but not exclusively on technology to adapt lessons to individuals.

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An Interview with Arne Duncan

An Interview with Arne Duncan

President Obama's secretary of education was formerly the CEO of Chicago Public Schools. In this interview, he discusses his strategy for reforming the city's school district and his passion for after-school programs.

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Using Staff Expertise to Increase Graduation Rates

Anne O'Brien explains how a school district in the state of Washington dramatically increased graduation rates in their high schools.

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Good Teachers Are the Product of Nurture, Not Just Nature

It has become an article of faith in the Washington thinktankocracy that teachers are the most important factor in their students' success. That's not an entirely bad thing. What professional doesn't want to be thought important? But think-tank dwellers...

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Lesson 8: Social Branding

Building a brand that youth identify with can make or break after-school programs.

How YES Prep Helped a Dropout Student Find His Passion as a Graffiti Artist

A Once-Troubled Student Transforms into a Star

Kicked out of YES Prep as a sophomore, senior Erick Gonzalez returned to face the challenges and receive the support the school has offered him.

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