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Digital Divide

Learn about issues related to equalizing access to technology and providing opportunities for all learners to engage in experiences that develop digital literacy.

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Is Your School #FutureReady?

Two recent events have the potential to help schools nationwide get up to speed when it comes to Internet access and equity.

The Digital Lives of Teens: "If You Don't Have a Plan for Them, They Will Have a Plan for You"

Teachers should make an effort to understand how best to operate in their students' digital world if they hope to make learning engaging and relevant.

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Resources for Closing the Digital Divide

Learn more about the changing landscape of the "digital divide," and explore resources that discuss how to improve digital access and help all students develop digital and media literacy.



The Digital Divide: Where We Are

A status report on the digital divide from 2002.

29 100 55,312 views

Reports on the Digital Divide: Are We Truly Making Progress?

A 2002 look at the state of technology integration in our schools and communities.

Kids Learn STEM Lessons Online by Becoming Virtual Adventurers

The JASON Project: Kids Become Virtual Adventurers

In person or via satellite, students engage in project learning through the exploits of Titanic explorer Robert Ballard.

5 1,743 views
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Projects Encourage Students to Excel

Mott Hall School: STEM Projects Encourage Students to Excel

A commitment to projects and widespread use of laptop computers has spelled success for middle school students at this New York City math, science, and technology academy.

2 356 8,970 views

Laptops for All: Using Technology to Go Beyond Traditional Curriculum

At this New York middle school, every student gets a laptop to help extend the boundaries of education.

6 22 3,986 views
Teachers Get Tech Tips from Students

Teachers Get Tech Tips from Students

Upper elementary and middle school students help veteran and prospective teachers include technology in their lessons to enhance student learning.

5 7 1,743 views

Street-Level Youth Soar: Students Learn How to Tell Their Stories

Students learn the art of digital expression.



Digital Youth Portrait: Olivia

Digital Youth Portrait: Olivia

Without the means or easy access to the newest high tech tools, this resourceful and strong-willed young woman considers technology her lifeline.

2 4 621 views

Computers for Peace: The $100 Laptop

The goals of a global one-to-one laptop program go beyond learning.

15 3 611 views
4-H Goes Digital

4-H Goes Digital

The Tech Wizards after-school program uses technology to introduce Latino students to careers and educational pathways in science, technology, engineering, and math.

10 576 views

Misunderstandings About Reading and Media: A Closer Look

reading and the use of media in schools

5 575 views

Online Learning: The Next Great Debate?

Katie Klinger discusses the implications when schools in the U.K. use outsourcing services in India for online learning.

15 25 557 views

Seven Building Blocks for Successful High Schools

Green Dot founder Steve Barr shares his organization's fundamental requirements for creating a viable school.

5 9 543 views

Feedback: Students Are Leading the Way to Technology Integration

Children of all ages are adopting digital tools and adapting them to learning.