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Career and Technical Education

Provide students with pathways to postsecondary education and careers by integrating core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge.

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Girl working on an automobile

Breaking Down Silos: Career Technical Education in the Era of Common Core

Common Core State Standards have the potential to shine new light on the role that career technical education can play in preparing all students for success in the global community.

Using Entrepreneurship to Transform Student Work

Raleigh Werberger, a high school history and humanities teacher, describes a PBL unit that flipped a class from 'just good enough' to creating a working business model and seeking funds to launch a startup.

College and Career Ready: Soft Skills Are Crucial

21st-century schools need to teach an array of skills to develop college- and career-ready students.



The School-to-Work Movement: Four Reports Look Back

Understanding the 1994 School-to-Work Opportunities Act.

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School-to-Work: Present and the Future

A conversation with Richard Kazis, senior vice president of Jobs for the Future.


School-to-Career: What You Can Do

Resources for those interested in school-to-career programs.

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From School to Career: The ProTech Program

Your questions about ProTech answered.

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Working to Learn, Learning to Work: Let's Get Businesses to Better Support Our Schools

Businesses need to get involved with local schools to help students understand what will be expected of them professionally after graduation.

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Reaching for the STARS: Students Choose a Life Path

A unique program in Portland, Oregon, gives students a jump-start on their future.

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Building Bright Futures: Preparing Students for a Career

Creating a smooth transition from school to career is this headmaster's goal for her students.

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Going Sky High: Students Take Learning to New Levels

An interest in aeronautics leads students to Aviation High School, where academic pursuits can really take flight.

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Students Applying to College Must Apply Themselves -- But Relax, Too

A dean of admissions gives reassuring advice.

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Girl sitting at her desk and an older girl kneeling to her left pointing to something in a book

Immigrant Students Aim for College

A Texas high school on the Mexican border settles for nothing less than success.

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University Teams Up with Local Schools to Advance Careers in Medicine

University Teams Up with Local Schools to Advance Careers in Medicine

A commitment to serving the local community motivated the University of Southern California University Hospital and Keck Medical School to develop internships for students at Bravo Medical Magnet High School.

2 412 views

Student Internships: Building a Bigger Pipeline to STEM

Suzie Boss highlights how one internship program has allowed students to get a head start on careers in the health profession

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Financial Aides: Teens Become Tax Preparers

A high school opens a tax office, and students run the show.

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Build SF: Tips and Resources

Helpful hints from the Build San Francisco Institute on a variety of topics, including starting a program, assessing your program, and best practices for mentoring relationships.

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