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1:1 Implementation

Teaching at a 1:1 school or one that's headed that way? Learn about ways to prepare, best practices, curriculum, and management in one-device-per-student learning environments.

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A photo of a high school student using a smartphone.

Future Ready: Roadmaps to Tech Integration

Effective tech integration begins with strong leadership, mutual trust among all players and stakeholders, and a logical, sustainable plan.

The LAUSD iPad Initiative: 5 Critical Technology Integration Lessons

The missteps in LAUSD's 1:1 program rollout stand as a costly illustration of the vision, planning, and execution actually required for successful district-wide technology integration.

The First 5s With iPads

When introducing new technology in a 1:1 classroom, consider breaking the lessons and tasks into small increments with easily measurable products and goals.

5 Epiphanies on Learning in a 1:1 iPad Classroom

Inspiration and best practices merge into fun, effective learning as one teacher describes what she and her students discovered during their school's first 1:1 year with iPads.

How to Roll Out a 1:1 iPad Program

Learn about a successful phase-in strategy for a 1:1 iPad program used by a Seattle-area middle school.


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