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The New Edutopia!


Today -- June 16, 2014 -- is a special day. For the past 18 months, we've been working hard on a redesign of to make it easier for you to connect to resources and to other people passionate about education. We've gathered your suggestions, analyzed surveys, taken frenzied notes during interviews, and turned all your feedback into the next step in our evolution as a community.

As you browse around the site, you'll see that a lot has changed, but we also still have the same great blog posts, videos, and guides as always -- only now they're even easier to find and better organized. We're also featuring community contributions to Edutopia in new ways, and we've improved your ability to start and follow conversations on the site.

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Tips for Getting the Most out of Edutopia

The easiest way for getting to know the new tools is to watch this short four-minute video. It'll quickly walk you through the major changes and offer some tips for getting the most out of Edutopia. Check it out:

Topic Pages

As mentioned in the video, we've reorganized all our resources around topics. Let's say you're interested in project-based learning. The PBL topic page is where you'll find blog posts, videos, community discussions, and everything related to PBL. As long as the resource is tagged with the project-based learning keyword, it will show up on the topic page. The topic pages are also where we show off Edutopia's community contributions and videos, with sections of the page devoted to each.

Sample topic page

Community Pages

Speaking of community contributions, if you want a wider view of where the action is, check out our new Community page. It includes a daily list of the hottest conversations on the site and is a good way of discovering what people are talking about most.

Following Topics and Comments

Another way of staying up-to-date is by subscribing to topic page updates. You do that by using the +Follow button found at the top of each topic page. Following a topic page will send you an email alert whenever something new is published. This applies to all the different kinds of resources on Edutopia, including blogs, videos, community discussions, guides, etc.

You can also choose to +Follow any of these individual resources, and doing so will send you email alerts whenever someone posts a new comment. The +Follow button for these pages is found just above the comments section.

My Edutopia

Whew -- that's a lot of ground covered in a short space! Fortunately, we created a page to help keep things organized. Your My Edutopia page is just for you, and only you can see it. This page collects all the updates from your +Follows in one place. It's an easy way to stay current on the topics and conversations you're subscribed to.

Sample My Edutopia page

The best way to learn more about +Follows and My Edutopia is to try them out. +Follow some topics, +Follow the comments of this blog post, and you'll quickly pick up how it works. You can always edit your subscriptions at any time, including the ability to turn off email alerts and just have them appear on My Edutopia.


One more cool change: you can also save your favorite pages as bookmarks. Bookmarks are static, though, and don't update in the way that +Follows do. They're a good way to keep track of resources for future reading or reference. Bookmarks appear on both your My Edutopia and your My Profile. That's because, while your My Edutopia is private, your My Profile is public. This gives you the option of sharing your bookmarks with your friends and colleagues. It's a great way to curate around a specific topic, discussions that you value, etc. How you use bookmarks is up to you, and that's our goal with this redesign: to give you more options for finding, sharing, connecting, and developing professionally.

Sample bookmarks page

We hope you like these changes, and we can't wait to hear from you about them. Please don't hesitate to let us know what's working for you and what's not. We want to keep improving -- Edutopia will always be a work in progress. Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don't forget to +Follow this blog post. :-)