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Some of the most compelling visionaries in the world -- from Sir Ken Robinson to Jane Goodall to Martin Scorsese -- are focusing their attention on how to improve education. From innovative classroom concepts to suggestions on how to foster creativity and collaboration, they share their valuable insights for teaching and learning and illuminate new solutions to old problems. Get inspired by their big ideas.

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Joe Beard's picture
Joe Beard
MS/HS History and English

This is exceptional. I appreciate his focus on creativity and collaboration as means to greater learning. Also, the idea of tapping into students' passions and seeing the amazing things that grow out of them. As a video gamer and educator, I'm glad to see him demystify video games as a valid learning tool. I realized this earlier this year when the new Assassin's Creed III came out (set in colonial America) just as we were studying the American Revolution and students were coming to me telling me what they learned from playing the game. Powerful stuff. Kudos to Mr. Brown.

Seane Clifton's picture
Seane Clifton
Resource High School Teacher & Instructional Designer

After reviewing several videos, I am interested in developing resources for students in my area of the country. How do I start? What do I need to do in order to benefit these students in the Mid-South? Please assist me in this task.

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