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Morning Meetings: Building Community in the Classroom

Starting the day with this 15-minute activity helps students regulate their emotions and focus on the day’s learning.
This is part of our Schools That Work series and features key practices from Highlander Charter School in Rhode Island.
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Ambreen's picture

LOVE the idea of having morning meetings! The class truly feels like a community, and students feel seen and cared about. Its a great foundation for the day and the rest of the year in fact. It allows for students to make a smooth transition from home to school, and students feel ready to learn. While the video shows grade one students and their morning meetings, I think this can be used across various grades. A small gesture of a greeting, with eye contact can help students feel respected, acknowledged and important. Students get the chance to share their opinions, thoughts, and concerns. They can ask and answer questions with their peers and teacher. It would definitely be something great to be ready for the day, and increase self-regulation.

Zedu Plus's picture

Absolutely, we start our workshops also with a few moments of sharing and connecting! Connecting and balancing the energies!

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