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Making a Difference

Find out how Edutopia and Lucas Education Research are having an impact.

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For 25 years, the George Lucas Educational Foundation has been shining a light on innovative, replicable, and evidence-based programs and practices in K-12 education. Today there are millions of visitors to our website and social media spaces each month — an inspiring community of teachers, parents, administrators, and others who are passionate about transforming education.

History of Impact

Explore the history of our impact on K-12 education.

Edutopia in Action

Meet some of the people who have used Edutopia to help transform K-12 education.

Lucas Education Research Impact

See how our research is influencing real-world education.

"Edutopia is innovative and uses a ‘hands-on’ learning style. I can select videos and use them immediately. I know the content is safe for school viewing and I don't have to edit or be concerned about inappropriate materials." Special Education Specialist, California