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Meet the people that power the George Lucas Educational Foundation.

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We are a collaborative and creative group of people who are passionate about making a difference in K-12 students’ lives. We are storytellers, designers, technologists and researchers… former teachers and lifelong students…parents and those without kids of our own who are nevertheless committed to helping students learn better. We are infinitely curious, a little bit geeky and deeply inspired by our incredible community.

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Board of Directors

Get to know the members of the George Lucas Educational Foundation board of directors.

Meet the Team

Get to know the people who bring you Edutopia and Lucas Education Research.

Work With Us

You might be just the person we are looking for to help us transform education.

"Edutopia videos about social and emotional and project-based learning and their accompanying blogs have increased my own understanding, which I have then been able to share with educators throughout our county." Professional-Development Director, Michigan