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Classroom Guide: Top Ten Tips for Assessing Project-Based Learning

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This classroom guide is intended to inspire and expand your thinking about effective assessment for project-based learning.

The tips are organized to follow the arc of a project. First comes planning, then the launch into active learning, and then a culminating presentation. Reflection is the final stage. Download this today and get started!

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What's Inside the PDF?

  1. Keep It Real with Authentic Products
  2. Don’t Overlook Soft Skills
  3. Learn from Big Thinkers
  4. Use Formative Strategies to Keep Projects on Track
  5. Gather Feedback -- Fast
  6. Focus on Teamwork
  7. Track Progress with Digital Tools
  8. Grow Your Audience
  9. Do-It-Yourself Professional Development
  10. Assess Better Together
  11. BONUS TIP: How to Assemble Your PBL Tool Kit


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Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Online Community Engagement Manager

I suppose it depends on how you define long term. High school graduation rates? College graduation rates? The number of recent graduates finding work? The number of qualified workers for jobs?

If you pull the lens way out, you can talk about the impact of education on a society's culture and economics. How are they trending? Whichever direction it is, it's likely that education had something to do with it.

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