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Edutopia Badges and Widgets

Want to showcase Edutopia content on your website? Or display some Edutopia pride? We're very excited to offer you our free educational widgets and badges for your website or blog. Check 'em out and start sharing Edutopia today.

Not a tech whiz? No problem! See our support questions below. Also, if you want to suggest other widget/badge ideas, please email us.


Instructions: Copy and paste this code to your website:


Instructions: Copy and paste this code to your website:

Why put an Edutopia badge on my website?

Edutopia provides these badges to help all of us promote and support 21st-century learning in education. Spread the awareness and together we can put the spotlight back on improving our education system.

Why put an Edutopia widget on my website?

Our widgets are a great way to have engaging and new educational content infused into your website or blog. Use our content as a resource and please embed these widgets anywhere you want -- we're here to provide educators with as many free and useful resources as we can.

How do I put these badges/widgets on my website?

Simply copy and paste the code for the widget/badge that you want to place on your website or blog. If you have a wordpress blog, please copy and paste the wordpress code.

Are you sure I can just embed these widgets/badges on my website/blog? Do I need to credit anyone?

Embed away! When you copy and paste the code, it'll have credits associated with the badges and widgets. These are absolutely free to use -- no strings :)

I prefer flash. Do you have specific code for the widget in flash?

Yes, we do. Send us a note at and we'll email it to you.

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