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June 4 Webinar: "Engaging the Digital Generation: Insights from Kids, Teachers, and Parents"

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Today's students use digital media in ways hardly imaginable just a few years ago, revolutionizing how kids create, collaborate, and teach one another, and Edutopia is continuously investigating the impact of this revolution on teaching and learning in public education.

On June 4, 2009, a stimulating discussion took place with innovative educators and students interviewed as part of Edutopia's Digital Generation Project, and they shared practical tools and strategies for engaging the digital learner. Below, continue the discussion by asking questions of a couple of the experts who contributed to the project, or just join in the conversation.

Webinar Resources

About the Host

Amy Erin Borovoy

Amy Erin Borovoy is coordinating producer for Edutopia video. Prior to joining The George Lucas Educational Foundation in 2005, she spent several years line producing television specials for the History Channel. Her experience also includes serving as a freelance associate producer on a number of educational television pilots and working on a media-literacy project for the KQED Center for Education and Lifelong Learning.

About the Presenters

Nichole Pinkard

Nichole Pinkard is founder of the Digital Youth Network and director of innovation for the University of Chicago's Urban Education Institute, where she plays a leading role in the UEI's engagement in creating optimal learning environments that span school, home, and community.

Scoop Jackson, parent

Pinkard is joined by Scoop Jackson, a sports journalist and the father of Jalen, one of the kids profiled in Edutopia's Digital Generation Project.

Vicki Davis

Vicki Davis is a teacher and the information technology director at the Westwood Schools, in Camilla, Georgia. She is co-creator of four global collaborative projects, including the Flat Classroom Project, winner of the International Society for Technology in Education's 2007 SIGTel Online Learning Award. Davis blogs at The Cool Cat Teacher Blog, winner of the 2008 Edublog Award for Best Teacher Blog.

Virginia, student

Davis will be joined by Virginia, a student in her ninth-grade class who is profiled in Edutopia's Digital Generation Project.

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jennifer Hogan's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

How would you compare Macs to PCs and what programs do you find most essential in multi-media projects?

Kristina Thoennes's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

For Vicki and Nichole:

We've just moved away from having a fixed schedule for computer classes in our grade 4-6 school to a flexible schedule with both technology facilitator and media coordinator. When you suggest teaching media literacy skills outside of content classes, it sounds like a return to that fixed schedule where we were teaching technology in isolation.

I'm not sure how to frame my question, but I guess I'm asking whether teaching technology skills in a separate class does lead to application in the context of content classes.

Marlo Gaddis's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

This question is for Nichole and Scoop...

In areas where technology is not accessible in the student homes, how would you suggest support be developed to have the greatest impact for students and families?

Carol Kinzler's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

For Nichole:
1. Do you think that our colleges and universities are ready for these students?
2. How can colleges and universities prepare and get ready for the digitally ready student?

Carol Kinzler

Shannon Wentworth's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

1. My district is stuck in the thought that having lots of equipment equals being technology proficient and literate. How can I as a classroom teacher help the district level staff move beyond that belief?

2. What are your districts doing for the NCLB 8th grade tech assessment? My district is just reporting how many 8th graders are enrolled in technology classes.

Shannon Wentworth
Aurora Public Schools
Aurora, Colorado

Leslie Risan's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Our school's technology classes were cut to meet budget. How can you address our administrators comment?

"Kids have enough technology at home, they don't need to play around in the computer lab when we have to meet standards for state testing"

Lisa Thomas's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

How do you handle teaching student responsibility in schools when your IT department has blocks on social networking and other vaulable teaching sites?

Ric Barline's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

You mentioned Second Life, virtual worlds. Is this really practical to implement? For example, how can you assess it?

Vicki Davis's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

1) Share publicly with others.
2) Why not network and involve other preservice teachers and other colleges?
3) How about we have students in one of our projects give you feedback on what you've done?

Let's talk! Lots of great things here! where can I see your work?

Roderick Chu's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Students are undoubtedly more engaged with these technologies and approaches. What evidence is there that the students are better learning required subject matter - especially those required by NCLB? - Rod Chu, Chancellor Emeritus, Ohio Board of Regents

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