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May 24, 2011

Imagine you are placed in the following scenarios:

  • You are dropped off at the top of a ski resort's steepest run when you've only had experience on the beginner slopes.
  • You have to spend your day on the bunny hill when you're an expert skier.
  • You play a...
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April 14, 2011

The popularity of video games is not the enemy of education, but rather a model for best teaching strategies. Games insert players at their achievable challenge level and reward player effort and practice with acknowledgement of incremental goal progress, not just final product....

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December 1, 2010

Today's guest blogger is Judy Willis. A former neurologist, Judy is now is an elementary and middle school teacher as well as the author of numerous books on the brain and learning. This post is an excerpt from her latest,

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Correlating neuroscience research to teaching strategies for success for all learners. Topics include Executive Function, Emotional Climate that Facilitates Brain Processing, Building Attentive Focus, Motivation and Positive Mindset, Mindfulness, Project Based Learn, Using what we've learned from the video game MODEL to increase engagement and perseverance in the classroon
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