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Teacher Development

High-quality teaching is vital for student success. Explore elements of effective professional development and leadership critical for growing and supporting great teachers.

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Growing Great Teachers

Just as professionals in medicine, architecture, and law have opportunities to learn through participating in internships and learning best practices, exemplary teacher-preparation programs allow teacher candidates the time to spend in classrooms with experienced mentors. Watch an introduction video.


Why is Teacher Development Important?

Students deserve the best. Teacher-preparation programs provide educators-to-be with the tools, mentors, and hands-on experience they'll need once they begin their career. See about a career in teaching.


Research Review: Teacher Development and Leadership

The human touch is the most valuable element in education. Teachers, administrators, and parents play critical roles in coaching and guiding students through the learning process, nurturing students' interest and confidence as learners. Dig deeper.


Innovative Exemplars

Teacher-preparation programs are responding to the increasingly complex needs of new teachers, and we profile ten of the most innovative exemplars. Learn more.


Summer Reading List: 5 Books on Professional Development

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There's No Such Thing as "Just a Teacher"

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Top 12 Summer Tips for Top Teachers

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The Heart of Teaching: What It Means to be a Great Teacher

Wed, 01/14/2015 - 18:59
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Summer Professional Development With MOOCs

Tue, 05/26/2015 - 10:03
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15 Characteristics of a 21st-Century Teacher

Sat, 06/20/2015 - 10:14
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Professional Development Adds Up for Maine's Math Teachers

New research shows that high-quality professional development can make a difference with test scores.

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Inspiring Teacher: Her Race to the Top

How a neglected student named Tamara Douglass went on to become an award-winning teacher at the same high school she attended.

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School Incentives for Installing Solar-Power Systems

School districts across the country take advantage of incentives for mounting solar panels.

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Celebrity Q&A: America Ferrera on Becoming an Ambassador for Education

The star of Ugly Betty talks about her role as Save the Children's artist ambassador for education.

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Improving School Communication with Google

Does your school speak Google? If not, you might want to give these great tools a try.

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Teacher Travel Tip: Cuba

Cut off from much of the non-Communist world for the last fifty years, the island's politics, commerce, and culture offer lessons to learn.

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Mixed Media: What's On Our Radar - April/May 2010

The Edutopia Guide to the educational and the entertaining -- everything from books to DVDs to software.

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A Clean Slate: Interactive Whiteboard Makes Lessons Snazzy

There's no reason to be bored with this new kind of board.

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Ten Steps to Effective Technology Staff Development: Getting Teachers on Board

School districts should follow these steps for a professional development program that will benefit the teachers and, ultimately, the students.

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Week One: A Design Thinking Mini-Challenge

Week One of the Design Thinking Workshop is underway! Learn the basics and get warmed up with a couple of simple design challenges.

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Digital Discussion: Take Your Class to the Internet

How to set up a blog in your classroom.

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Motivation: Reflecting On What To Do When It's Not There

Reflecting on our own lack of motivation can provide insights as to why students also struggle at times to feel inspired.

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Masterful Teacher: Jonathan Winn Makes Calculus Cool

Masterful Teacher: Jonathan Winn Makes Calculus Cool

Jonathan Winn, San Diego's 2011 High School Teacher of the Year, has developed a high voltage classroom atmosphere that inspires students to get excited about math and excel at AP calculus.

5 84 6,606 views

Improving School Communication with Google

Does your school speak Google? If not, you might want to give these great tools a try.

11 139 6,606 views



Teacher Development Is Key to Closing the Achievement Gap

Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL) defines four key practices for sustained student achievement.

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