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WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation

A Guide to Summer-Vacation Professional and Personal Development

Whether educational or merely entertaining, a rich variety of summertime experiences awaits teachers.
By Edutopia
Edutopia Team

"School's out for summer!" Sweet words for kids, and not exactly sad news for weary teachers and administrators. For a dedicated educator, learning never ceases, and summer is the ideal time (often the only time) to get better at what you do -- or just to collect astonishing tales of delight and daring to regale your students and colleagues with in the fall.

For those with the time and the desire, universities and institutes offer an array of workshops and conferences, from a course on Thomas Jefferson to expeditions in marine biology off the coast of Maine. Other schools teach such decidedly nonpedagogical subjects as dirt biking and ballroom dance. If you can't make it this year, browse the Web sites of the host organizations and you'll find information for next summer.

Dirt-Biking School

Salsa Instruction

Paragliding Lessons

Design School

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