What subject isn't typically taught in schools that should be?

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Margaret Plaganis (not verified)

Social Skills and emotional intelligence

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Our students need support and practice to develop interpersonal skills and emotional development so they can engage in the challenging and demanding LEARNING they must do in school.

Our students (and many of our students' families) have little or no practice nurturing youngsters or coping with lack of parenting skills. Students develop skills and apply themselves to learning challenges when they are valued, nurtured, supported and celebrated in their homes, communities and, of course, school.

Without social and emotional intelligences our students (and teachers) are stuck in a dismal no-person-lands - schools that are battlegrounds or holding tanks (till they drop out or into juvenile facilities).

Vic Lundy (not verified)

Social Skills

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I think that 'Social Skills' run hand-in-hand with 'Manners' because students are more confident when they know how to handle social situations, thus boosting their EQ, don't you think?

MiMi (not verified)

Character Education

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It is heartening to see that Social skills and social and emotional intelligence has a strong lead!

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