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Schools That Work| Case Study

Visitacion Valley Middle School

Grades 6-8 | San Francisco, CA

Daily Meditation: A Bold Approach to Reducing Student Stress

Student behavior improved after implementing meditation techniques to relax students, promote a sense of well-being, and foster more-positive interactions.

What This School Is Achieving

Visitacion Valley Middle School first introduced Quiet Time (QT), a stress-reduction program as an optional activity, in the spring of 2007. The program consists of two periods, 15 minutes each in the morning and afternoon, when students may choose to sit quietly or meditate.

Since starting the Quiet Time intervention, this school has achieved the following:


  • 50% reduction in suspensions
  • 65% reduction in truancy 


  • .5% increase in overall grade point average

How They Do It

Meditation Helps Lower Truancy and Suspensions

How Daily Meditation Improves Behavior

With levels of violence and poverty rising around them, San Francisco middle school students find social and emotional healing -- and a new readiness to learn -- in a bold program of daily meditation.

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Resources & Downloads for Meditation in Schools

Educators from Visitacion Valley Middle School, in San Francisco, have provided these samples and resources for you to use in your school.

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How To Start a Meditation Program in Your School

Training, consistency, and trust are keys to successfully implementing a meditation program in school.

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Infographic: Meditation in Schools Across America

As a growing body of research points to positive outcomes from meditation in schools, programs are spreading across the country.

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Monica's picture

As a AP high school student this honestly sounds amazing. Giving students and teachers 30 minutes a day to just chill out and sit in silence would help both students and teachers. School is a loud and stressful place, you can't take a break in silence. You are contently hearing kids scream and yell at each other in the halls and at lunch and its even a real break, its still stressful. I also suffer from chronic migraines and I get them very easily. 30 minutes would heave on earth.

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