More School Time, Well Spent, Boosts Academic Achievement and Engagement

Clarence R. Edwards Middle School

Charlestown, Massachusetts

School Type
Urban, public

Target Audience
Grades 6-8

Clarence R. Edwards Middle School

Note: Demographic data and expenditures below are from the 2011-12 academic year.

School Enrollment: 534

Student Demographics:
  • 61% Hispanic
  • 16% African American/black
  • 8% white
  • 14% Asian
  • 1% multi-race, non-Hispanic
  • 82% free or reduced-price meals
  • 24% special ed
  • 38% limited English porficiency
Per-Pupil Operating Expenditures:
  • School: $7,651
  • District: $17,283
  • State (MA): $13,658
Student Achievement:

Since 2006, when the Expanded Learning Time initiative was implemented, through 2012, the percentage of students achieving proficiency or higher has grown 150% in math, 73% in reading, and 533% in science, and the average rate of suspensions has decreased 37%.

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Expanded Learning Time (ELT): Six Factors for Success

Amrita Sahni, Director of Instruction at Edwards, outlines the steps taken to successfully implement their renowned program.

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Strategies for Reaching All Learners in English Language Arts

Edwards English language arts teacher Hassan Mansaray shares how he uses an individualized learning model, called Readers and Writers Workshop, to reach his students.

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Special Ed Best Practices Inspire Effective ELT Program

Craig Haas, Special Ed Coordinator at Edwards, shares how his team uses the longer school day to provide relevant academic support to each individual student.

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ELT Succeeds with Research-Supported Strategies

A longer school day can lead to the kind of academic and cultural improvements seen at Edwards when the additional time is used for research-supported practices.

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Resources and Downloads

Educators from Edwards have provided sample lesson plans, professional-development and curriculum-planning resources, and more for expanded learning time.

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