Technology in the Classroom: Product Guide

Forest Lake Elementary takes advantage of technology to personalize the learning process. Find out what tools educators and students use in these 21-century classrooms.

Forest Lake Elementary takes advantage of technology to personalize the learning process. Find out what tools educators and students use in these 21-century classrooms.
classroom showing kids using technology


Credit: Courtesy of Forest Lake Elementary School

Smart Board


Cost: $1,200 for the board, $500 for the projector
Use: The board is like a big, touchable computer screen on which students can collaboratively solve problems, edit writing, and play games.
How to get it: SMART Technologies Education Solutions

Dell Desktop


Cost: $1,200
Use: Students conduct online research, write blogs, play games, consume information through multiple media, and create written and multimedia work.
How to get it: Dell K-12 Education

Two opened Dell laptops


Cost: $1,800
Use: Expands the number of work stations available to students; uses are similar to the desktops.
How to get it: Dell K-12 Education

White Flip video camcorder


Cost: $150
Use: Students create original videos or record themselves performing skits or giving presentations, then critique their work.
How to get it: Flip Video Educators

Lime green digital camera


Cost: $150
Use: Students enrich their learning experience by documenting sights related to their studies, such as shapes in the school building or animals on a zoo field trip.
How to get it: Various locations. Shop and compare features online, for example, at Digital Photography Review

Smart Slate


Cost: $300
Use: Teachers or students can control the interactive whiteboard from anywhere in the room on a handheld slate.
How to get it: SMART Technologies Education Solutions

This article originally published on 6/2/2010

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Aren't those prices a bit high?

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I'm not trying to pick nits here, but aren't those prices a bit high? Almost $2k for a laptop? And over $1k for a desktop? Unless these are toughbooks or the latest and greatest machines for video-editing and playing games, that is WAY too much money.

We could definitely afford to put more tech in our classrooms if we started being savvy spenders.

2nd Grade Teacher

Classroom set up

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I love this classroom setup. I have most of these items. I am still lacking some laptops or more desktops. Right now I only have two desktops. I am hoping to get some more through donors choose this year. In the past few years I have recieved digital cameras, a flip camera, and a photo printer for my classroom. I really love how the class is set up and how all the students are engaged in different activiites with technology. Great ideas here, thanks.

Parent of 2 students early childhood and college, Consultant to k-12

Don't foget the most proven technology - Audio Enhancement

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MARRS Study 1979-93: Amplification of teachers voice resulted in significant improvement. After sound amplification, students placed in LD programs declined nearly 40%. Teacher absenteeism due to voice problems decreased by 8-13%. Lastly, its the easiest to implement and delivers fastest value.

Passionate about Educational Technology & Connecting!

Tech Zone!

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Love the Tech Zone sign in the background of this image. Especially since it looks as if the entire classroom is a "technology zone." I would love to see more classrooms look this way!

Special Ed. Teacher

Applied ELA & Life Skills Teacher

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I would like to see some PBL lesson plans showing me the whole process and especially how it has been used with special ed students who are language delayed &/or cognitively challenged and functioning several grades below their grade level. Most of the examples I have seen on this site show students who are quite skilled in English language skills. How has PBL been used with students who are not as skilled in English, especially in reading and writing.

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