Differentiated Instruction: Fast Track to the Top

In this installment, we show you how Mesquite Elementary School developed a teaching strategy that turned their school around in just six months, and that continues to prove out its effectiveness.

By Mariko Nobori

It's over 100 degrees and plumes of monsoon clouds threaten overhead, but inside Mesquite Elementary School, in Tucson, Arizona, teachers and students are cool as glass, and not just thanks to the air-conditioning. It's because they've got a system, and it's a system that works so well, it has propelled Mesquite to Arizona's highest school rating, "excelling," for the past eight years and has twice won it the prestigious A+ School of Excellence Award from the Arizona Educational Foundation. All this while on a very, very lean budget. Arizona has the second lowest per pupil spending in the nation, and Mesquite has the lowest per pupil funding in southern Arizona, with administrative costs at half the national average.

The system is called Reteach and Enrich (R&E), and it happens every day, schoolwide… (Read more…)

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