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Schools That Work| Case Study

Elk Grove Unified School District And Bravo Medical Magnet High School

Grades 9-12 | Elk Grove and Los Angeles, CA

Merging Career Tech and College Prep

Developing technical skills through hands-on learning is keeping kids in school and setting them up for success in college and the job market.

What This School Is Achieving

At Bravo High School

Where Students Go After Graduation

49.8% Four-year College
56.9% Community College
1.5% Military
1.7% Vocational School

Dropout Rate

2.6% Bravo High School
26.4% LA Unified School District

Graduation Rate

96.1% Bravo High School
72.4% LA Unified School District

Data is from the 2008-2009 academic year.

How They Do It

Teacher Development: Learning a Cooperative Method of Teaching

Preparing teachers to work in a collaborative academy culture.

1 1,435 views

Merging Career Tech with College Prep: Why We Chose These Schools

A checklist of essential qualities for career academies in Edutopia's "Schools That Work" series.

1 651 views

Career Tech Meets College Prep: Downloads and Resources

A compilation of sites and organizations that provide useful information and resources to help you better understand and implement Career and Technical Education.

3 15 4,435 views

Five Students, Five Paths to a Future That Works

A second chance for success in school.

5 1,044 views

Seven Steps to Building School-to-Industry Partnerships

Meeting your match for mentors, internships and expert assistance.

41 5,869 views

Funding a Career Tech/College Prep Start-Up

Locating the pots of money designated for career tech academies and pathways.

1 1 783 views

Career Tech Meets College Prep: Ten Tips to Get Going

Practical advice for taking those first steps.

2 10 9,120 views

Career and Technical Education: Research Roundup

Evidence of success in lowering the dropout rate and raising grades.

1 34 7,435 views

The Districtwide Approach to Career and Technical Education

Support from the top boosts local academy success.

2 651 views

Career Technical Classes: Preparing Tomorrow's Skilled Professionals

Learning trade skills without losing sight of college.

43 2,217 views


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