Taking Class Outdoors with Environmental Education

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Ken Ellis (not verified)


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Staff comment:

Mr. Russel,
Re your comments-

"I can't learn from a text book" - student

This seems to be an often voiced sentiment. At least the student is self-aware, and has found her own way to learn.

"They don't necessarily get better grades." = Teacher

I believe the teacher was making the point that, while his students don't necessarily do better than others on standardized tests, the actually know something once they have completed a project.

"I'm not a teacher, I'm a coach." - educator

This teacher was making the point that a good teacher often plays the role of coach, assisting in the process of discovery and understanding, rather than giving directions and administering tests.

Context is important. I believe that if you were afforded a chance to sit in on some of the SES student's project presentations, as we were, you might agree that these kids can read and write, and that their work is relevant and rigorous.

Ken Ellis, Executive Producer, Edutopia Video

Michael E. Russell (not verified)


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"I can't Learn from a text book" - student
"They don't necessarily get better grades." = Teacher
"I'm not a teacher, I'm a coach." - educator

This is weak.
Can these kid's even read and write?
They don't understand trig, and their sloppy work seems dangerous if government is relying upon it.
Sounds like a place where children with various learning disabilities and attention deficit problems are given light work and passed without learning.

We got real problems with public education, they waste money in MN on this experiment.
Spend extra money, go to private school.

Conny Jensen (not verified)

Environmental Studies

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This school would have been a life saver for my daughter who showed an interest in nature from age three and became environmentally savvy not much later!
Traditional schooling did not help her reach her potential and she dropped out of 10th grade with a 1.0 GPA.

Was she really that bad of a student? No, far from it!!! She managed to go on to college where she took Environmental Studies for her minor and Philosophy for her major and carried a 4.0 GPA! If you provide an opportunity to students where they can love what and how they learn they will succeed!

Kelsey (not verified)

This School Is Amazing

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This school is such an amazing place! I have known many people who are atteding or graduated from this school. I am hoping to attend this school when I am a junior ( I am currently a freshman). I have been resarching the school a little harder lately because my high school is going to now offer extra off camus art classes, which made me ownder if i would want to stay there. But the more I look into this school the more I love it and I cannot wait to go!!!!! I would never pass up the wonderfull opportunity to go to such a unique school like this one where I can be me!

Cecilia (not verified)

SES-Zoo School!

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Both my sons, Zac Wendler (2003) and Andy Wendler (2005) graduated from this wonderul school. Both are Eagle Scouts, one of whom provided his project to the school grounds.

Zac is now in graduate school at Northern Illinois University, teaching English while he pursues his Masters' and PhD in English and Creative Writing. Andy is finishing community college and hope to transfer to the University of Minnesota. Both boys were greatly shaped by the excellent faculty and curriculum at the Zoo School. This video reminds me well that they wer SO LUCKY to have this resource available to them. Thank you to everyone involved in continuing the excellence in high school education that this school exemplifies.

Thank you!

Mary Kay Myrmel (not verified)

School for Environmental Studies

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My daughter attended & graduated from this school and is very successful. The program that SES delivers really builds confidence and a thirst for learning in their students.
Thanks for profiling such a wonderful staff.

Anonymous (not verified)

This is really great!

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This is really great!

Sasa Jevtic (not verified)

Visitor - Serbia

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Project-Based Learning
Super idea!

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