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WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation

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Have some fun with our quizzes and explore how you measure up. And be sure to share your results with your friends and colleagues.
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Discover Your Multiple Intelligences

Discover Your Multiple Intelligences

The theory of multiple intelligences has captured the attention of many educators who are interested in how students learn. While the theory hasn't been corroborated by research, many teachers find it helpful to better understand the abilities of their students.

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Tech Savvy Teaching: How Do You Rank? Tech Savvy Teaching: How Do You Rank?

Are tech tools improving your teaching or just a distraction? Take this quiz and find out how you rank on our technology integration scale.

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What's Your Emotional IQ? What's Your Emotional IQ?

Emotional intelligence -- the ability to empathize, persevere, control impulses, communicate clearly, solve problems, and work with others -- can be a critical skill for teachers. Take this quiz to help you identify how you manage emotions.

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Shakawoj's picture

Came across this site through a class I'm taking about teaching online. From what I've seen so far, this is an awesome site! Thanks

Kyla A's picture

This is Kyla from 5th grade. I am a naturalistic learner and mathematical-logical. I understand best when I go outside and touch things. In class it will help me to see pictures or go outside or have a list of what to do in order.

jj aka jayson jones's picture

Well good for you Kyla. I'm not having much luck about liking things. : ( My hiest score was Naturalistisc witch was 58%.The reson why i got that as the best score is that it talks more about nature.

jj aka jayson jones's picture

This is Jayson. I am an naturalist too. I am an naturalistic learner because I can see and touch all of the animals like lizards, birds and ants.

jj aka jayson jones's picture

I learned about smoking and gas. I learned that gas from cars can cause air pollution. I also learned that smoking can make it harder to breathe. I got this information from brain pop in the movie.

Alex Shevrin's picture
Alex Shevrin
Teacher/leader & techie at independent, alternative, therapeutic high school

FCAST2, click on the words to the right of each picture. That will take you to the quizzes.

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