Should tech training be required for all current teachers?

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RQ (not verified)

Required tech training for ALL teachers

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We cannot teach students more than we know. If we are unable to use technological tools, we can neither teach their use to our students, nor can we ourselves take advantage of the pluses that the tools offer, both in and out of the classroom. Some teachers, unfortunately, don't want to learn new technologies--even the online attendance system that is now required in my district. We as educators should do everything we can to make sure that our students are as prepared as possible to navigate the world once they leave school, and this includes the use of all available tools.
--LAUSD high school math teacher

Paula (not verified)

Of course it should be mandatory!

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Most teachers these days are pretty tech-savvy.

Creating an academic standard for technology will enable schools to accurately assess a job applicant's capability, as well as giving the applicant a concrete measure of achievement.

Too many people sell themselves short during job interviews and on the other end of the scale, too many people are less than honest about their qualifications.

Mandatory tech training is a win-win for teachers, Principals & Students alike.

Skip Zalneraitis (not verified)

Required technology training for teachers

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We are in a momentous and world change period of humankind.

Chronologically, this is the third Great Change - after the phonetic alphabet, the invention of cheap binding and italic typeface, comes technology - in the form of computing and networking, with ICT skills as just a part of the cycle of growth.

I think it is essential, absolutely essential that teachers pass a tech-training course.

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