Should teachers assign homework over the summer?

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Homework = Waste of time

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As a parent, if my kids are given homework over the summer, I tell them not to do it, and let their schools know they will be returning with the assignments incomplete. As a parent, it's my right (and responsibility) to ensure my children get the best education possible in their situation, and excessive homework is not a good way to make that happen.

As a (non-teaching) public-school employee who works very closely with a lot of teachers, I have come to realise that the ones who assign extra homework (weekends, holidays, etc.) are invariably the worst teachers. They are the ones who lack the classroom management skills to keep a class on task long enough to complete the assignments, or they get distracted easily and run off on tangents all the time, requiring the students to make up the lost time after school hours.

When my kids come home with homework on the weekend, it's always from the same few teachers- and they are always the ones my kids complain about. "He spent a whole week talking about stupid stuff we already knew, and now he wants us to make it up over Christmas break!" There's not many better ways to kill the joy of learning in a child than to rob them of their free time with unnecessary busy-work. Teachers would better serve their students by instilling in them a commitment to lifelong learning.

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