Should students be taught to question evolution?

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CraiGrrr (not verified)

Poll Broken

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Apparently no one cares.
Or the poll is broken.
I vote for the latter.

Sarah Marshall (not verified)


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Texan educators should take a good look at the International Baccalaureate program. IB programs develop critical thinking skills and scientific literacy. In Science in particular, IB has educators help their students look at how science is beneficial or not helpful in addressing particular issues. Students have to look at what qualifies as a theory as opposed to a law in science- differentiated from what constitutes a theory in common language.
I find the poll above a perfect example of how the questions of a survey themselves can set up a no-win situation. By making Evolution the centre of the questions, the issue is being polarized. Students should be taught to question everything from scientific theories to history texts (as they can be incredibly biased) to religious dogma to authority. By empowering critical thought across ALL areas, we will be sure to have a generation of competent independent citizens who will be able to lead us into the future.

Matthew Hubbard (not verified)

Scientific theories evolve

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The great scientific debate of the 20th Century is relativity (or as it is known now, The Standard Model) vs. quantum mechanics. They are both terrific at predicting stuff and they can't both be true at the same time. These are in physics, and physics is a much more stable science than biology. But in all sciences, our best explanations change. This is no reason to overthrow the whole system and put superstitions at the same level as science.

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