Is enough of the stimulus money going to school technology?

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Josh Paluch (not verified)

EdTech stimulus allocation

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$650M may sound like a lot, but with appox. 100,000 public schools in America, that's only $6,500/school. That's not the revolution we need.

Jamie (not verified)

Then the solution is to

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Then the solution is to teach teachers how to use technology in their class then. If we expect students to come out being able to be use technology as is required in today's world, then we should have the equipment in place to use it and the teacher training in place.

CodyPT (not verified)

Why don't we give the GDP of

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Why don't we give the GDP of France to the schools for new technology? Would that be sufficient? Probably not.

No amount of money is ever sufficient for schools. They always want more and more and more. If schools got zillions more, they would still complain about insufficient funding.

Much of this high-tech money will be wasted on schools whose teachers have no idea how to use it to improve the academic performance of their students. Toys, toys and more toys. It's like buying high-definition, big screen TV sets for blind people.

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