Should schools require students to use technology?

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Mitch Ward (not verified)

Should books, pencil and paper be required?

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I so miss the rich oral tradition. Children have their heads buried in books so much of the time. True dialogue is almost dead. Writing just does not show the nuances and emotion of the spoken word.

Should books, pencil and paper be required? Humanity survived just fine for thousands of years without them. Let's finish this discussion before we leap into the pluses and minuses of technology.

Tim Milkins (not verified)

Technology in Schools

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Technology and teaching are moving to work hand in hand. Recently I was at a conference where I saw a presentation on the development of a new teaching and learning paradigm by Mark Treadwell. Mark Treadwell has been one of a few revolutionary thinkers behind the development of the New Zealand curriculum. His work will prove very interesting and enlightenning for those interested. His book can be found at

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