Does No Child Left Behind need a new name?

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Kate (not verified)

NCLB name

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The actual result of implementing NCLB CAUSES children to be left behind. If students are part of a group that is at risk for not making "AYP", our state has advised us to put our efforts into supporting those kids who are "on the line" otherwords, close to making goal, but not there yet. In the meantime, those students who might make gains, even if they are not yet meeting goal, are not to receive the same level of support. Since they are so far from the "finish line", the thinking goes, we should approach it like "triage". The treatment of special needs students is, to me, the most reprehensible aspect of NCLB.

E. Layton (not verified)

chuck NCLB

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NCLB is an unrealistic, underfunded, pipe dream. Chuck the whole program. What's in a name anyway? Unless you are G.W. and then a name typically means the exact opposite of what the program does (see Healthy Forest Initiative, or Clean Air Act). Lets focus on things that matter, like appropriate standards, funding, and equity among public schools. There is no reason a child who happens to be born in a poor neighborhood should receive substandard education.
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Jeanie Robinson (not verified)


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NCLB does not need a new name. It needs to be thrown out and overhauled. The law punishes schools who are serving low income children.

I chose to teach at my school because I wanted the challenge. I must say that I love our kids and I love working with them. Our school is a Title One school with over 75% free and reduced lunch.

When I got there less than 50% were reading on grade level. After many years of hard work, we got up to 97%. What did that get us? SANCTIONS because of our large Exceptional Children population!! We cannot make AYP. This is ridiculous. Teachers are leaving in droves and after this year, I am one of them. The law is not rewarding schools who are doing well, it is punishing schools who have many subgroups.

New name? How about NO TEACHER LEFT STANDING!!

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