Which digital tool has the greatest potential to change how kids learn?

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Matt J (not verified)


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I chose multimedia production because of the word "production." I think the most useful type of technology experience is getting students to create using the technology. Think about high school student now. When they were in late elementary school they may have created powerpoint presentations about a specific topic. Then when they were in middle school they created podcasts. Now in high school this student has built on all this knowledge and is creating dramatic digital movie recreations of literature that he/she is writing, directing, and editing. That is just awesome!

Matt J.
5th grade reading/writing

DaoudaW (not verified)


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I voted for blogs and wikis mostly because of the word "and". Videoconferencing has been around for a very long time and has established a small, stable niche in education. Multimedia is more important, but it's static and old school.

Social networks, wikis and blogs are where it's at. The future is definitely in some mash-up of these and other technologies yet to be developed.

S.Steelman (not verified)

which digital tool has greatest potential to change how kids lea

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Attainability? Multimedia productions are great however on a global scale fall short. Social Networks enhance abilities that encourage our youth world wide to venture forward and gain curtural understanding from one another.

Andy Yauchler (not verified)

Social Networks

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I voted for social networks. While the others will be valuable tools in the future of the educational landscape, none of them holds the potential that social networks do for drastically altering the very fiber of how we educate children. Once educators begin using social networks for their own professional development and for linking their classroom to the larger global learning space, the way that we perceive learning will change dramatically. Blogs and wikis will also be important in this movement, but networking (usually done in small and face-to-face ways) can expand exponentially within the digital realm. I am just now starting to understand this in my tenth year teaching. We're not talking about MySpace and FaceBook; instead we're talking about a scenario where a classroom studying the Chinese New Year actually links itself, through social networks, to a Chinese classroom celebrating the holiday. The ramifications of that scenario blow my mind (and I'm excited to work toward that end!).

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