Does the Internet exacerbate bullying?

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Susan Kelewae (not verified)


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Within the privacy of a home computer it is all too easy for bullying to take place. It can be painful and lasting. In order for bullying to be confronted, there must be education on what it is, why it is done (psychology of bullying), and ways to deal with it in a broadly consistent, reliable, safe way or students will continue to deny being a bully or a victim. Adults need to be savvy about checking for it as well. It takes a community of knowledgable people - that includes both adults and students of all ages. Perhaps a mentor type program for younger kids could help as well. This is a very serious issue!!

Sara Armstrong (not verified)


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Although I voted "yes," this seems to me to be a "yes and no" question. I voted yes because I think the effects of cyberbullying can be more far-reaching than offline bullying. And I agree with Tony that any kind of bullying is serious, and it occurs in lots of places. Hopefully, engaging students in more collaborative online and offline projects will encourage more tolerance and understanding--one aspect of the efforts to discourage bullying.

Tony LaMantia (not verified)


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Any form of bullying is serious and needs to be directly confronted. The victim, bully and potential bystanders all need help in how to better handle the situation so the bullying will stop. Bullying is a social issue. It happens at all ages and in all areas of our society and world. We need to confront all types of bullying and "Give Peace A Chance!"
Peace, Tony

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