What impact are charter schools having on public education?

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Tony (not verified)

Lack of money isn't the

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Lack of money isn't the problem. Mis-management of current money is the problem. School districts waste so much money it was literally making me ill watching it happen from the inside. (Working at a large school district for the past 8 years.) There's an unbelievable lack of accountability, horribly politicized rules, and a general lack of basic finance management skills at the top.

S. Gillespie (not verified)

Charter Schools

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Charter schools have set-up rules and regulations that 1."require" parent participation; 2. If a student lacks involvement in their education they came be removed from the charter school; 3. If they fail at the charter school they are dumped back into the public school system. If public schools were able to do the same they would be doing an awesome job!

M. (not verified)

My children go to private

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My children go to private school. Not because we are rich (because we are not.) because they are getting a good education. The uniforms are great because we don't have to worry about keeping up with the Jones's. They all wear the same out fit, no distractions, no teasing. Don't you remember being a kid and all of the social stresses and distractions? My kids can just be kids and learn.

Isiah Torres (not verified)

I would'nt want to go

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I hate the idea of uniforms and not letting kids exspress themselves. True alot of regular public schools arent the greatist but it was the funnest.

Susanne (not verified)

Vouchers and charter schools are NOT the same thing

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Hi Connie - I TOTALLY agree. However, vouchers and charter schools are not at all the same thing. I am for charters and against vouchers. Not all charters are great, but some of them have transformed lives and set examples of remarkable innovation that aren't often possible in non-charter public schools.

Jen (not verified)

Charter schools

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Charter Schools have been a hot topic for a long time. They are good in some cases and not good for other reasons Here's an interesting article that links to both sides of the argument.

David B. Somerville (not verified)

Answer to "ditto"

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Sorry this has taken so long to get back to you. The Charter School in mention is
Tri-city College Preparatory High School in Prescott, Arizona.
I am retired from the school and back home in Australia but am proud to have taught at such a school. It has been the highlight of my teaching career.

Anonymous (not verified)

Unless you have tried it you can't judge properly

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I feel one can not judge a school of any kind unless you yourself have had hands on with it.

I have had my own kids in public school and my grandkids. Now I'm raising one of my grandkids who was attending the same public school that my own children attended.

I battled this school for years, put up with a lot from the teachers to the guidance department.

I thought things would have gotten better, but to my surprise it has gotten worse.

My grandchild needed extra help in Math, but when she would request help she was always put off.. She came home with work that took us 5hours to complete.....

Because I didn't know about the teaching on the web sites, they downed her grades..

What happened to staying in touch with parents and guardians? Why complain to the child that the guardian is sending emails?

So I finally got fed up when I noticed that she was coming down in her grades.. now this child is a A student.. for the first time There was 2 F's and 1 D... WHAT IS THIS?????

So I pulled her out she is now doing Charter School here in Pa through the PAVCS and I must say she loves the idea of the one on one and having the time to learn what she may not pick up so fast...

So I feel it may not be for everyone, but until you have tried it or know someone personally who is or has tried it we need to hold judgment on it..

Some people just can't stand change, and find it easier to throw the kid in school.. lets spend that time with our kids, grandkids and teach them...

Remmber the first teaching of our children did start at HOME>>>

thank you for your time.

Ellen Karnowski (not verified)


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Simply measuring success with statistics is what the state and federal government does, and it doesn't always work to measure student's success. Some schools are able to teach values education as much as possible, and the International Baccalaureate curriculum allows our charter school to teach via a student profile, using positive "attitudes." When teachers and students are engaged in learning, care about each other, and take part in community events and small group instruction, I believe this measures success accurately.

Connie (not verified)

school voulchers

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I am opossed to school voulchers because it allows good schools to get better and bad schools aren't given the chance to improve, nor are they forced to.

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