What's the best gift for a teacher?

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Jo-Ann Souza (not verified)

Each year at Christmas time,

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Each year at Christmas time, I have always asked my students (elementary level) and their parents to make a donation for a needy family that is in our school. I have asked that they consider this in place of a gift for me. I have suggested that my students do a good deed at home and perhaps a family member could pay them for it and they could make that their donation. Just today, we counted the money and the donations totaled almost $250.00. Tomorrow my students will wrap up gifts (there will be "first time" wrappers)and gift cards that I purchased with the money (after a long discussion about what to buy). Christmas is a time for caring and sharing with people in need, especially this year. I have plenty of mugs, candles and hand lotions!!

Lin Savory (not verified)

Best Gift for a Teacher

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Buy your child a computer and some educational software like Read, Write & Type for their appropriate age. Your child will benefit from it and the teacher will appreciate that your child is interested in learning.

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